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Sunset Blvd. Character Breakdown

Strongly seeking actors of all ethnicities.

Rehearsals Begin: August, 2023

Opening: Four Performances September 22, *23, 24 *Two performances

Choir: Sunset Blvd. is presented in concert, but without a volunteer chorus.

Norma Desmond:

This role has been cast.

Joe Gillis:

Age: 20-30’s
Gender: Male

A handsome but just past his prime screenwriter whose career is in decline. His playboy looks and manners used to open every door but things have changed. He moves in with Norma Desmond all the while falling in love with young Betty Schaefer; an absolute charmer with a dark side, strong legit/pop voice to an A.

Max von Mayerling:

Age: 55-65
Gender: Male

Norma’s devoted butler protects her from the outside world, a dark and ominous presence in the mansion, he was Norma’s director and first husband, dramatic opera baritone.

Betty Schaefer:

Age: 21-30
Gender: Female

A beautiful young aspiring writer with spunk, teams up with Joe teams up on a script and they fall in love, ultimately Joe breaks her heart, legit/pop soprano.

Artie Green:

Age: 25-30
Gender: Male

Joe’s friend, a generous, hardworking director’s assistant. Clean cut professional but fun. Betty’s fiancé.

Cecil B DeMille:

Age: 60-69
Gender: Male

The iconic Hollywood film director who discovered Norma Desmond and made her a star, historic figure, baritone.


Age: 40-50
Gender: Male

A crass studio exec/film producer, also in the ensemble, baritone.


Age: 30-45
Gender: Male

A Beverly Hills men’s clothier, eager to please and a tad effete, also in the ensemble, tenor.

Ensemble roles:

Age: 20-50’s
Gender: Male and Female

13 ensemble members of all vocal ranges, all must be strong solo singers, versatile actors and movers.

An actor may play multiple roles in this production.

Revival Theatre Company

329 10th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 Suite 005

Brian Glick

Artistic Director 

Ticket Office

Monday – Thursday
10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.