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The performing arts represent a key opportunity for residential colleges, because performance experiences cannot be replicated through technology and opportunities are generally limited at large universities for students who are not majoring in music or theatre. Coe has a unique opportunity due to the thriving arts community in our region. We will add programs such as musical theater and vocal jazz, increase opportunities to participate in vocal and instrumental ensembles and theater performance and production, and establish partnerships with local performance organizations for students to work onstage and behind the scenes. As a starting point, Coe will become the summer home of the Revival Theatre Company, which will offer students internships and May Term opportunities in professional musical theater.  See Coe College A Bolder Coe for more details.

Revival Theatre Company, along with Coe, is dedicated to giving students studying in the field of the musical theatre, opportunities to grow under the leadership and guidance of industry professionals. Support for programming like the one with Coe, enables the growth of educating and nurturing new talent within our corridor and encourages out of town talent to stay in our community.

Education Fund:

A gift through our Education Fund, helps us with housing students, scholarships and paying individuals for their work on an RTC production. A gift of $200, $300 or $500 can provide stipends for up to 4 students.

Artists Fund

How to apply:

For those interested in these positions, please reach out to the Coe Theatre Department Chair, Susan Wolverton, room 109 in the Dows Building.

Please prepare a letter of interest, explain why you would like to work in this field and include a resume of your work. Theatre portfolios are encouraged, but not required. Portfolios do not apply to music students.

About Revival Theatre Company:

Revival Theatre Company is committed to developing artists on stage and behind the scenes with our newly formed partnership with Coe College and the Theatre and Music Departments. These opportunities to work with those working in the field of their craft give the students hands on experience to build their skills in the theatre.

For more information on Revival Theatre Company and the Coe College Theatre and Music Departments, please visit the websites below. For instrumental music students interested in getting involved, please reach out to Assistant Professor of Music, Dr. Michelle Perrin Blair in the Marquis Hall, room 208.

Theatre Arts At Coe:

The Theatre Program is designed to give a broad and comprehensive exposure to both intellectual and artistic development in a production-oriented atmosphere. The department provides a program of study in each area of theatre. A theatre concentration may also be combined with another discipline to form a collateral concentration.

Theatre At Coe

Music At Coe:

The Coe College Music Department provides a conservatory level music education in a liberal arts setting. At Coe you can earn a Bachelor of Music (B.M.) or a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with a major in music. The B.M. is a professional degree program for those interested in studying music at the graduate level, teaching music in the public schools, or preparing for a career in performance and/or composition. The B.A. is for students who desire to combine their music studies with other academic interests by majoring in a second discipline such as business, public relations, chemistry, theatre, psychology, or English. Non-majors can continue their participation and study through applied lessons, ensembles, musical theatre, and other courses in music.

Music At Coe

Seeking the following on Revival Theatre Company’s production of Sunday in the Park with George 

Assistant Stage Manager: The Assistant Stage Manager will assist the stage manager with all of their responsibilities. This can include attending production meetings, running rehearsals, tracking props; notating blocking and making sure the backstage areas are run smoothly during rehearsals and performances. (This is a stipend position)

Assistant to the Costumer: Works with the costume designer. Read script and create a costume breakdown; collaborate with stage management for accuracy throughout rehearsal process, handles costume repairs and has direct interaction with the cast on any costume needs throughout the run of the show. (This is a stipend position)

Follow Spot Operators: Must be present at all the technical, dress rehearsals and performances. Operates the spotlight. The ideal candidate is an attentive individual, who can follow directions and communicate well. Four operators are needed for The Bridges of Madison County. (This is a stipend position)

Projection Board Operator/Assistant: Must be present at all the technical, dress rehearsals and performances. Operates the board that runs the projections. The ideal candidate must be a reliable, attentive individual, who can follow directions and communicate well. The individual should have some experience working with computers. (This is a stipend position)

Properties Assistant: Works with the props master and stage assistant stage manager on setting up and maintaining the props during rehearsals and performances. (This is a stipend position)

The following are available for Assistantships. Please note that Assistantships do not pay, but will include a ticket to the show.

Assistant Lighting Designer: Assistant will work with the lighting designer to help with rigging, focusing and realizing his/her vision for the design. Must be comfortable with heights and carrying heavier equipment at times.

Assistant to Director: The Assistant to the Director will work along side the director notating blocking and taking rehearsal notes. The ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and legible handwriting.

Assistant to Musical Director: Will turn pages for lead accompanist if needed in rehearsal. Work with stage manager to contact singers to be scheduled for coaching. Observe all music rehearsals alongside musical director. Copy music and help with orchestral needs. Notating where applicable and tend to production needs of the musical director.


“I started working with RTC when I was a senior at Coe College as the Stage Manager for their Fall 2016 production of Evita. Having only managed college productions, I was so grateful for the guidance and mentoring they gave me during Evita. I was also the Stage Manager for their production of Grey Gardens and the Assistant Stage Manager for Victor/Victoria. My time with RTC taught me how a stage manager functions in professional settings and I was able to work with amazing designers and directors who inspired me to keep pursuing stage management and theatre after my undergrad. I’ll always be thankful for the opportunities they gave me to grow as a stage manager.”

Former Coe Student , Allison Bailey

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