Casting Requirements

Evita Casting Requirements:


Cast Size: Large, 100

Casting notes: This is presented in a concert format, with full text, a large choir, and an orchestra.


Eva Peron: a beautiful, ambitious and power-seeking woman. (20-35)

Peron: an officer in the Argentinean army who rises to become the Argentine President. (40-60’s)

Che: a political activist and the narrator of the show. (25-35)


Peron’s Mistress: a beautiful, vulnerable, innocent young girl who plays Juan Peron’s teenage Mistress. (18-25)

Magaldi: a tango singer with whom Eva has her first love affair. (25-35)

Dance Ensemble: Men, Women (17-45)

Children’s Ensemble: Children of Argentina (9-14, unchanged voices). Children only need to prepare 16 measures of music. No acting piece. 

Volunteer Choir: We are seeking 50 + singers.  Please contact Musical Director, Cameron Sullenberger at

Grey Gardens Casting Requirements: 

Grey Gardens

Cast Size: Small, 9


Edith Bouvier Beale/”Little” Edie Beale: One multi-faceted actress. Plays mother Edith in act one and daughter Edie in act two. (40-50’s)

“Big” Edie Beale: Appearing in Act two, Big Edie is an eclectic woman. (60-70’s)

Young “Little” Edie Beale/Ensemble: Portrays young Edie in act one, and will participate in the ensemble in act two. (20’s)


Joseph Kennedy, Jr./Jerry: Plays handsome Joseph Kennedy in act one and handyman Jerry in act two. (20’s)

George Gould Strong/Ensemble: Plays pianist and confidante Gould in act one, and participates in the ensemble in
act two. (40’s)

Major Bouvier/Norman Vincent Peale: Playing domineering patriarch of the Bouvier family in act one, and the beloved minister and author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” in act two (60-70’s)

Brooks Sr./Brooks Jr.: African-American actor will portray loyal family servant Brooks Sr. in act one, and landscaper Brooks Jr. as well as a member of the ensemble in act two. (30-40’s, African-American)

Jacqueline Bouvier/Ensemble: Plays young Jackie in act one and in the second act she participates in the ensemble. (10 of age)

Lee Bouvier/Ensemble: Plays young Lee in act one. In act two she participates in the ensemble. (13 of age)

Victor/Victoria Casting Requirements: 


Casting Size: Medium 20

Casting Notes: Needing strong dancers and singers


Toddy: (Carroll Todd) the nightly singer at the club Chez Lui (50-60’s)

Victor/Victoria: Grant a British singer (40-50’s)

King Marchan: a nightclub owner/gangster from Chicago  40-50’s)


Norma Cassidy: King’s girlfriend (20-30’s)

Squash Bernstein: King’s bodyguard (20-40’s)

Henri Labisse: proprietor of Chez Lui (40-60’s)

André Cassell: agent/producer and nightclub owner (50-60′)

Sal Andretti: King’s partner of the Chicago Speakeasy (30-40’s)

Jazz Singer: at Cassell’s Paris nightclub (20-30’s)

Singer/Dancers: (12 Women and Men) (18-40’s)

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